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45th Reunion October 2012 Class of 1967                                          12 Year Member Club 45th Reunion October 2012

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Christmas2009WSHSClassof'67Girls.jpg (83974 bytes)

 Christmas 2009 WSHS Class of '67 - Memphis 'Girls' Annual Dinner Group

0rganized Annually by Ramelle Belluscio Orman

Standing Left to Right: Brenda Payne Smith, Ramelle Belluscio Orman, Nancy Bronson Hayslip, Patti Thomas Ford, Becky Cole Stanley, Millie Attridge Webster, Judy Broemmelsick Oakes, Libby Keller Parks (St Agnes Class of ’67), Georgia Gilluly McSwain  *  Sitting Left to Right: Susan Marshall Culley, Karan Hudson Cherry, Libba Larkin Nance, Betty Westmoreland, Carole Rodgers Hanna, Susie Adler Thorp, Vicki Schwartz Poole, Unknown Guest & Dale Engelberg  

Photo Courtesy of Dale Engelberg


WSHS'girls'2008DaleEngleberg.jpg (115214 bytes)
Christmas 2008
WSHS Class of '67 - Memphis 'Girls' Annual Dinner Group

0rganized Annually by Ramelle Belluscio Orman

Ramelle Belluscio Orman, Dale Engelberg, Judy Broemmelsick Oakes, Patti Holmes Johnson, Brenda Bredow Bloomfield, Guest, Karen Kubik Herring, Libba Larkin Nance, Susan Marshall Culley, Brenda Payne Smith, Carole Rodgers Hanna, Patti Thomas Ford, Susie Adler Thorp, Millie Attridge Webster, Becky Cole Stanley, Betty Westmoreland (Teacher WSHS 1964-71), Nancy Bronson Hayslip, Lain Whitaker

Photo Courtesy of Dale Engelberg

WSHS2007Christmas.jpg (133993 bytes)

Christmas 2007 WSHS Class of '67 Memphis 'Girls' Annual Dinner Group

0rganized Annually by Ramelle Belluscio Orman

 1st row Left to Right Sitting: Dale Engelberg, Karan Hudson Cherry, Lain Whitaker, Missy McBurney Wilson, Laura Lewis 
2nd row Left to Right Standing: Ramelle Belluscio Orman, Susan Avery Finnern, Susan Adler Thorp, Becky Cole Stanley, Viki Schwartz Poole, Brenda Bredow Bloomfield, Judy Broemmelsick Oakes, Millie Attridge Webster
3rd row Left to Right: Susan Mahorney Fisher, Susan Marshall Culley

Photo Courtesy of Dale Engelberg

ReunionPic4.jpg (101002 bytes) 1987

The Rendezvous prior to our 20th reunion weekend

 Standing Left to Right: Ramelle Belluscio Orman, Layne Bourgoyne, Susan Mahorney Fisher  Sitting Left to Right: Patsy Cocks Brinkley, Anne Chapman, Leigh Gardner Carter (East High Class of ’67), Steve Boswell

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This picture was taken at Houston's Restaurant/Memphis, TN in the 80's

ReunionPic3.jpg (93821 bytes) 1997 Reunion 

ReunionPic5.jpg (56940 bytes)


Barbara Essary Becker, Anne Chapman, Chris Akers Starratt, Ramelle Belluscio Orman
“Sometime when we were even younger”


White Station High School 'Teacher' Retirees  June 14, 2012 Romano's Macaroni Grill

Left front to back: Jean Thompson, Theresa Jennings, Irma Roberts, and Joann Duncan
Right front to back: Shirley Miller Lile, Edna Hatcher Bennett, Nancy Goodwin (partially hidden), LaRose Todd Coffey, and Evelyn Mills


Seth, Susan, Josh & Devon Haskell  (Courtesy of Susan Ball Haskell)


Ahhhhhhhhhh! Susan Ball Haskell's Adorable puppy "Hudson"

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Dale Engelberg in Utah

dale.jpg (61865 bytes)

Ann Lovejoy O'Connor, Missy McBurney Wilson, Dale Engelberg

             viki_poole.jpg (29505 bytes)  

Alan Samuels, Susan Adler Thorp & her mom Herta Adler  **      Viki Schwartz Poole with son, Brian Poole in 2006

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Daughter, Chaya (Cary) a friend & Cheryl Edelson Kaplan on right * Cheryl's Grandkids: Yeshayah & Beriyah born June 13th 2007

  tux picture.jpg (46474 bytes)               

Myrna Drucker Salomon with husband, Sonny 2006            

ByronColeman-withBarryJones2002.jpg (117557 bytes)  

Left: Byron Coleman with Barry Jones who had just won a car race at Summit Point Raceway in 2002

Right: Byron Coleman with Elvis at the Memphis City Jail early (about 3AM) Christmas morning in 1971 or 1972

ByronColemanwithLynnLedbetterDemi,.jpg (32087 bytes)

Lynn Ledbetter Demi & Byron Coleman - New Years Eve 2002


BenJudy11.jpg (82561 bytes)   Ben & Judy Logan Benton

usbandJohnGraceandherdogJazatSallyBooBeachHouse.jpg (87724 bytes)

John & Sally Bolks Grace with Byron Coleman December 2005, one of Byron's 5 trips to help Katrina victims on the Gulf Coast

2011-Cross.jpg (37038 bytes)  Robin Cross         Carole Carter,HollyandDena.jpg (47695 bytes)  Carole Carter Foster, Daughters - Holly and Dena

Bailey_1.jpg (34218 bytes)  Bailey_3.JPG (40568 bytes)

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of what we are
blessed to see each day.    Jack Bailey

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